Removals Insurance

We recommend that customers have their own goods insurance before taking our insurance offer. All of our staff go to great lengths to preserve the condition of any transported goods but if we have not packaged the items then we cannot guarantee that there will not be any breakages or incidental damage (scratching or chipping etc).

Our staff are familiar with the necessary stacking and securing of all boxed and non-boxed items so that the transport itself will not damage any goods. If necessary we will advise you about the chances of damage during the moving and loading/unloading process depending on the local circumstances. At our removals company we cannot stress enough that this is our profession. We move goods safely and securely and we are good at it but, occasionally accidents happen that we cannot control. This is why we advise that all goods are insured for travel.

Small move solution

Our "small move" solution is offered if our calculation of the space required for your move can be provided by a standard sized removal van i.e. a lorry is not required. This is often the most cost effective solution for a low volume move. This "man van" solution does not normally include the packing. The "small move" option is purely and simply a small scale moving operation supported by our staff and you choose if you want to use our packaging service or whether you want to do it yourself.

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